A quick visual intro to my work

Below you will see three to nine images from each of many series I do, starting with the newer ones. There’s no links to these images—yet. They are here on the general Art page just to let you see what you like, then you can use the navigational Drop Down Menus to go there. Larger galleries which offer links to an individual page for each work featured will be next, and will include more information on each piece. In the not-to-distant future I hope to include e-commerce links to works for sale.

You’ll also notice as you change pages that titles may be used on some images in different ways. I’m still in the process of choosing the norm for that, mainly because I’m learning on the fly, and the vacuum of not having a larger, more functional website all these years has gotten past the point where I can stand that absence any longer. My impatience is showing, in other words.

My blog, however, will be up and running from the start, and it will address my art, the path of an artist, mention older series, offering insights into other work at times which are not in a major series. I’ll be adding older writings too, and will be trying to figure out a way to archive them from the start if possible, with original publication dates. All wrapped up in myriad art related subjects of course. Thanks, and I hope you’ll enjoy my work, and have fun with the meandering you can do here, so far.

WordPress is new to me, and I’ve yet to find a few good plug-ins and widgets to allow for cool pop-up or roll-over images, but that will come soon. Please bear with me until my WP groove is on! Thanks!


America: Lost & Found



Southern Gothic


Sandhills Series


Beaufain Muse

Mandalas & Mirrors


Plein Air