Digital Composite Image

Digital Composite Images

“Winds take the words” — digital composite image

This is not a photograph.

Although, it began as one, insofar as it was a recorded image from a camera. I use the camera more as an image capture device than a way to make photographs. While this scene was framed in the viewfinder, over 30 images were collected at various exposures, settings and various oddball practices that have come to be a working method. So a single tripod setup results in, depending on the view, the scene, the idea which springs to mind as I’m looking over elements—often ends up with between 15 at the least, 80 or so at the most, separate shots.

Then, on arriving back at the studio, into Photoshop they go, and I weave them all together, forming a rather thick Dagwood sandwich of layers and what I call “mechanical stacks.”

“Matewan Sky” — digital composite image

The majority of the digital composites I build fall into three series of works included within this site. I have other smaller sequences of works, to be included later, which are, while all digitally made, would be more aptly described as digital collage or montage.

“Greensleeves” — digital composite image