Fionn mac Cumhaill

“It is said that Celtic music stems from the sound of Nature, that their instruments were crafted to borrow from the natural sounds around them. Music was instrumental in their everyday lives, and much thought was directed towards it.” ≈ Frank Delaney

“One day, Fionn mac Cumhaill, or Finn MacCool, and his Fiona, were resting with friends after a long and grueling stag hunt. A debate began about music, and sounds.

One man said that the sweetest sound in all the world was the sound of pebbles washing on a beach. Another said it was the ringing of a spear upon a shield. Others offered that the belling of a stag across water with the cry of hounds in full pursuit; the laughter of a kissed girl, or the whisper of a wooed one.

Then, they all turned to Finn and mac Cumhaill said, “The sweetest sound in all the world is the music of what happens.”


Almost born on the hospital steps of Camden in a rush to be on time...

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