Start. Crank. Launch.

“Highway to the clouds”

Welcome to a Premature Site Launch for a New Decade of Works.

I’m not kidding. There’s still a lot to be edited in here, for I had not planned to publish until Wednesday the 24th 2019. There has been a long, really anguishing sequence of false starts on my site for a couple of years now. But that’s another blog, and it’ll be funny, I hope, when explained. It has to do with massive changes in Big Program Land, like Adobe, Word Press and such. And one person, me, who has been totally overwhelmed by the changes, especially the way they fell from web-design Olympus.

“Done is better than perfect” ≈ Sheryl Sandberg

Maybe done is better, but yet, it would have been nice to begin with more done than hardly done. Needless to say, this morning when I checked to see if my site was fully transferred to Site Ground, I face-palmed in a mighty way.

It seems at some point yesterday, while I was furiously trying to load images at the one location where I have nominal internet here, I hit the wrong button. That was, you guessed it, the “Publish” one. So, there are going to be glitches, some odd syntax in the words, images with some issues like broken links, and no galleries with pop-up windows to exhibit my artworks. In a week or so that will get done.

But for now, here’s what I had at the ready to drop into place as my greeting post at launch.

In 1995 I purchased a program called “Cyber Studio/Go Live.” It was that or the other way around, although I think Cyber Studio was the maker, and Go Live the product. Adobe users may recognize the “Go Live” for yes, Adobe bought the fluid, intuitive web design program around 2003. My pattern of learning programs back then was to fire it up, start clicking on buttons and see what they did. I’m the original fluid intuitive.

In early 1996 I mounted a small, incredibly basic site. The images were tiny at around 1.5 x 2.5 inches. They had to be back then or they took forever to load. DSL via landline was King. It was the dark ages. But Go Live was in a lot of ways similar to Quark Xpress; Quark Xpress had been my bailywick as a graphic designer since late 1988, when I bought an Apple SE30. We’re talking archaic objects and services here.

By 2002, I had a fairly solid but often clunky, depth-driven site which had evolved into a multipurpose presence online. A galleries only section, guest artists, a rudimentary blog which was far more a journaling exercise, and of course, art images abounded. All of my support materials were there, easily downloaded for gallery support. It developed over time. I’m planning something similar this time around, for the World has become a very closely connected space, very unlike the mid-nineties internet.

As an overview of a lifelong body of work as an artist, this site will eventually host an archive of artworks I’ve created over the course of my career. But for now it’s very new. If you are reading this on July 21st, 2019, then you are in the first cadre of eyes to roam it’s pages. For now though, it will focus on current works and series which feed into a new effort, the Hybrids and Vestiges, for the former is more a descriptive method of what is to come; the latter a reference to many of the root elements of my art which I am drawing from, no matter the media or process. Which means, you’re going to see a lot of variety of imagery here.

And like all things new, changes will come about in rapid succession. So the image above, one of the first ten or so pieces made for one of my favorite sequences of works, represents just how quickly things do change in the mind of artists, and how quickly directions turn, for the “Southern Gothic” series developed into something very different than “Highway to the clouds.” That’s the joy of art.

And, so I am scrambling!


Almost born on the hospital steps of Camden in a rush to be on time...